Sunday, 24 June 2007

This is why I like vintage...

While I love living in the 21st century - where would I be without the world wide web or Blogger?! - there is something more fulfilling about handwriting letters rather than banging out an email or scrawling in a journal which will serve as a treasure to reminisce over in years to come, rather than rambling through a keyboard (like me now) for example. The same with the convenience of digital photography, it's fantastic for sure, but I miss getting films developed and the suspense of wondering what a picture that you've spent ages deliberating over how best to take it will look.

The same goes for the Internet... I've been cut off for what seems like an enternity, meaning now blogger, not emails and what seems like no life. While there have been perks - I'm glad to be back in the virtual world. So expect many, many more posts from me to make up for lost time.

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