Monday, 14 May 2007

CSC shop of the week - projectgrabbag

CSC shop of the week - see a seven day theme developing yet?

I am a self-confessed etsy addict, there's no point in denying it. And while I've been procrastinating over setting up my own little esty store, I have relished the chance to while away many a late night hour looking at the delightful items filling up other peoples'. One of my favourite etsy store's is projectgrabbag's. I love her handmade items and would snap them up if I knew a child to buy them for - there not however nice enough to make me want to have kids just yet!

From a customer's point of view - and this goes for all succesful etsy shops - projectgrabbag makes users come back time and time again because of her eclectic mix of handmade products (using reclaimed scraps of fabric) and raw materials. Her prices are good and she is constantly updating her shop, meaning there's always something new to look at. Keep up the good work projectgrabbag!

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